Dental Crowns and Bridges by Texas City Dental.

The Texas City Dental offers crowns and bridges to help improve your dental health and appearance. A Crown is the most logical option when your tooth needs to be restored to its original size and shape. They completely cover every visible part of the tooth and are sometimes referred to as caps. Dental bridges are used to replace a missing tooth. They can help improve your ability to chew, speak, and smile and are supported by the surrounding teeth. Dental crowns offer both an increased cosmetic and functionality to damaged teeth. Essentially, they are carefully crafted pieces that are attached to a tooth that has lost much of its body. The Texas City Dental in Texas City is conveniently located near t La Marque, Galveston, and Hitchcock area is conveniently located near to the HEB and ROSS market complex which is a low-cost dental office and is the best option available near you.

Crowns can be fabricated from many different types of material, however, at Texas City Dental, we prefer the use of porcelain crowns. Other materials used in crowns are metals such as gold. For those who prefer not to have such a striking feature in their mouth, then porcelain would be the option to choose as a crown material. Porcelain crowns give off the most natural finish to a tooth, with the aim being for other people not being able to tell that you have them. Porcelain can be made to match the exact color of a person’s tooth to complement uniformity or a brighter color if crowns are going to be placed throughout the mouth. Porcelain is also a natural material which means that the bio-compatibility between them and the soft tissue in the mouth is extremely good.

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